Never before has there been such a wide variety of choice of fire alarm products. RF Systems has always maintained a non-aligned policy, thereby ensuring that as a truly independent company we can advise all customers without prejudice on the best products for the client’s requirements.

As well as smoke, heat, multi-function and flame detectors, certain applications dictate the earliest possible detection of any fire is of paramount importance. For example, computer rooms, listed buildings, or areas of abnormally high risk. High sensitivity smoke detection (HSSD) systems offer a very practical solution by being an active sampling system instead of passive system.

In buildings or areas where point detection would prove expensive or difficult to install, fire beams can be the solution, and for certain applications linear heat detection may be the best option.

RF Systems has vast experience in working with all the following types of fire product:

  1. Conventional / Non-addressable Fire Systems
  2. Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems
  3. Radio Communication Fire Products
  4. Aspirating Smoke Detectors (HSSD)
  5. Fire Beam Detectors
  6. Intrinsically Safe Systems
  7. Flame Proof Systems
  8. Graphics Products
  9. Remote Monitoring


Under this division our major role is to focus on evacuation of the premises due to an incident. This division prides itself on voice clarity to ensure the entire building is evacuated efficiently.

These systems can be linked to the fire system and be completely automated during an incident. All systems are designed by our engineers around SANS standards to ensure correct sound levels and installation techniques through out the protected area. We believe that voice evacuation is a necessity when it comes to the safety of people in work environments. We pride our systems around saving lives.


Gas suppression systems offer peace of mind where buildings contain valuable equipment. For example

  • Computer Rooms
  • Data Storage
  • Mains Distribution Room
  • General Machinery
  • Specialized Equipment Protection

Fully automatic systems, controlled by detection circuits are designed to release the extinguishant in the event that a fire is detected, causing minimum damage to the contents of the room.

RF Systems has specialized design, installation and maintenance experience in suppression systems for various applications

Our project teams can produce comprehensive reports as to the effectiveness of current systems, e.g. gas concentrations, integrity testing, etc. and advise on any remedial works. We also specialize in the design of non-standard systems.

The range of gaseous extinguishing systems provided includes

  • FM200
  • CO2
  • NOVEC 1230

CCTV – Closed Circuit Television

CCTV has seen incredible advances in recent years, transforming its capability out of all recognition. These advances significantly improve security performance and vastly reduce installation and maintenance costs.

  • Higher resolution cameras with up to 30 megapixel CCDs using CMOS chipsets
  • Wireless networking capability to link cameras to controllers and recording devices
  • Improved image fidelity as reduced storage costs eliminate the need for compression

RF Systems designs, installs and maintains CCTV solutions that are fit for the purpose you intend. Based in Johannesburg, our network of engineers reaches across Africa. Whether it is a relatively modest or a high-end state of the art solution, our systems are only specified after we have fully determined your needs with a thorough Security Risk Assessment.

CCTV is the heart of an integrated system and supports verification of intruder and fire alarm activations. For large sites where the safety of thousands of people or premises with high value goods, cash or valuables and works of art, verification is essential if false positives are to be quickly and effectively screened out and positive activations prioritized for appropriate response by police or fire and rescue services.

In conjunction with image processing and advanced software tools, today’s CCTV systems work to prevent crime, enable identification of persons of interest and assist in detection. Whatever your application, and wherever you are in Johannesburg or Africa, RF Systems CCTV solutions provide outstanding performance and value to help you achieve your security objectives.

Fire Extinguishers/Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire extinguishers are generally your first line of defense to any fire. In addition, we encourage business to be armed with numerous other assisting aids to combating fire risks.

We provide all kinds of extinguisher services from sales to maintenance.

In addition, we also provide all associated signage to accompany firefighting equipment

Remote Monitoring

Fire is among the most serious dangers we face. Remote fire alarm monitoring saves lives by enabling much faster alerts to the emergency services. When any fire is detected by the local fire alarm system a signal is transmitted to the Alarm Receiving Centre, along with the nominated key holder.

By having a monitored fire alarm system, you are ensuring that your property is watched over 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Monitoring has a wide range of applications including commercial, industrial, government and residential.

We at RF Systems can advise you on all aspects of remote fire alarm monitoring, including new installations, as well as transferring or upgrading of your current system.

Room Integrity Testing/ Fire Sealing

NFPA 2001 Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems, Annex C Enclosure Integrity Procedure, requires that enclosures protected by clean agent fire suppression systems be airtight in order to maintain design concentration and adequately prevent re-ignition.

Additionally, NFPA 2001, Annex D Enclosure Evaluation, requires peak pressure evaluations to predict the pressure levels in the protected space upon system discharge, which will determine whether a pressure relief vent is required in the event of a discharge to prevent walls from collapsing, blowing out windows, or blowing off doors.

Our clients make significant investments to protect their assets, consequently, RF Systems has invested in specially designed and calibrated door fan pressurization equipment to test the environment to recommended specifications.

RF Systems recommends that once the system is certified the customer continue to keep up with the patching and sealing of the protected area. RF Systems offers and recommends door fan pressurization testing every 2 to 3 years based on changes made to the protected space.

Service and Maintenance

Proactive Preventative Maintenance

Whether you believe you are obliged or not, you have a lot of capital investment in your safety and security systems. This would be a waste of money if they didn’t work when required. When you need these systems to work it will be to save someone’s life, your property, or your business, so they must operate reliably and effectively.

Take the worry out of relying on these systems by having them covered by a professional service agreement, provided by specialists. You can then rest assured that the equipment is being serviced correctly, and that if there is a problem it will be brought to your immediate attention and that all relevant documentation will be kept up to date.

Our experienced, uniformed engineers are fully equipped with the latest diagnostic and service tools. We provide service agreements for regular servicing of the following equipment and a full 24-hour emergency cover facility.

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Intruder Alarm Systems
  • Gas Suppression Systems
  • Fire Extinguishers

Levels of Service

  1. Routine Maintenance
    Test and inspect the equipment in accordance with relevant South African Standards. Provide and update all relevant documentation. All parts required to maintain the integrity of the systems, plus unscheduled requests for engineer attendance will be chargeable in addition.
  2. Comprehensive
    Routine Maintenance, but with all unscheduled engineer attendance visits included.
  3. Total Guarantee
    As Comprehensive, but with all parts (certain exclusions, ask for details).